USED Tank with Argon Gas - Filled - 19 cuft - 3360 PSI (FOR TANK EXCHANGE)

USED Tank with Argon Gas - Filled - 19 cuft - 3360 PSI (FOR TANK EXCHANGE)

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Online-Only: $346.00

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How to Exchange Tanks at The Beverage People

  1. Check to see if your tank has been tested within the last 9 years.
  2. Check to be sure it is empty of argon.  The tare weight will be stamped on the side.  An empty tank should have that weight. 
  3. Add the USED Argon tank item seen below to your cart.  With this item you will be purchasing a USED and FILLED Argon tank.  
  4. As you pickup the USED Filled Tank from the pickup room at our warehouse, drop off your empty 19 cubic ft steel tank.  Please be sure to put a label on your empty tank with your NAME and write "ARGON EXCHANGE".  We will refund your card the core value according to the following pricing schedule, if it has been tested within the last 9 years or was previously purchased/filled by our store:
Online-Only: $346.00

Out of date tanks from other vendors will be charged a $50 hydro test fee.

How We Handle Hydrostat Testing Fees

If you are exchanging a tank that you RECEIVED FROM The Beverage People and that tank has an expired hydrostat test date stamp on it, we will exchange that tank without charging a hydrostat test fee.  In this case The Beverage People will pay the retest fee.

If you are exchanging a tank that you DID NOT RECEIVE FROM The Beverage People, and that tank has an expired hydrostat test date stamp on it OR a date that will expire within the next 12 months, you must pay a $50 hydrostat test fee in order to exchange that tank at The Beverage People.


Comparison of Beverage Gases

Weights of Beverage Gases in Reference to Air (as specific gravity of gas at 68°F):

Air = 1.000 (reference)
Nitrogen = 0.97
Argon = 1.38
Carbon Dioxide = 1.52  

If you review carefully the comparative weights of the gases above, you 'll note that Nitrogen is lighter than air, while both Argon and Carbon Dioxide are heavier than air.  All three of them are inert noble gases, meaning they are not reactive with your beverage.  The heavy weight of Argon and Carbon Dioxide can be a great advantage for filling tanks and kegs because it can be used to displace air before they are filled, ensuring your beverage is not exposed to oxygen during transfer.  Argon is the most expensive of these gases, however, so if you choose to work with it be sure you are not wasteful and that you have pressure tested the whole system to avoid leaks.

How to Use

Thinking of putting your wine on tap? Enjoy The Beverage People's discussion here.

Pickup Locations Available for This Item

The Beverage People Warehouse, Santa Rosa.

Fulfillment occurs Tues - Sat, 9 AM - 5 PM. We aim to fulfill orders in 2 hours or less, whenever possible.

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How to Return Goods for Refund

All our supplies are guaranteed for one year. Request for refunds occurring more than 30 days after the date of purchase on non-defective goods may be granted as a store credit if the goods are returned in their original condition. Yeast is perishable and should be refrigerated on arrival. No refunds are allowed on sales of living organisms such as yeast and bacteria.


Average rating:
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1 reviews

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Argon tank return/exchange 10/21/2022
By Karen Sindir
The process of returning the empty Argon tank and exchanging it for a filled one was straightforward and quick. Also detailed instructions were provided for leak testing setup attached to tank. Excellent support by Beverage People staff.