New CO2 Bottle - 5 lb. Tank - Filled with Gas

New CO2 Bottle - 5 lb. Tank - Filled with Gas

New CO2 Bottle - 5 lb. Tank - Filled with Gas
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Comparison of Beverage Gases

Weights of Beverage Gases in Reference to Air (as specific gravity of gas at 68°F):

Air = 1.000 (reference)
Nitrogen = 0.97
Argon = 1.38
Carbon Dioxide = 1.52  

If you review carefully the comparative weights of the gases above, you 'll note that Nitrogen is lighter than air, while both Argon and Carbon Dioxide are heavier than air.  All three of them are inert noble gases, meaning they are not reactive with your beverage.  The heavy weight of Argon and Carbon Dioxide can be a great advantage for filling tanks and kegs because it can be used to displace air before they are filled, ensuring your beverage is not exposed to oxygen during transfer.  Argon is the most expensive of these gases, however, so if you choose to work with it be sure you are not wasteful and that you have pressure tested the whole system to avoid leaks.

How to Use

Thinking of putting your beer on tap? Enjoy The Beverage People's discussion here.


When you first set up a draft system, it is important to pressure test the whole system. Please review the basics of pressure checking a draft system here.

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This item is not eligible for free shipping or standard shipping due to hazardous material regulations. We recommend that you pick up in-store.

How to Return Goods for Refund

All our supplies are guaranteed for one year. Request for refunds occurring more than 30 days after the date of purchase on non-defective goods may be granted as a store credit if the goods are returned in their original condition. Yeast is perishable and should be refrigerated on arrival. No refunds are allowed on sales of living organisms such as yeast and bacteria.


New CO2 Bottle - 5 lb. Tank - Filled with Gas
Average rating:
1 reviews

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New CO2 Bottle - 5 lb. Tank - Filled with Gas
Personal and thorough service
Jane and Valerie contacted me twice to make sure my order was correctly filled and where and when I could pick it up. I have always had excellent service with this company for a long time now.

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