Nitrogen Tank with Nitrogen Gas - Filled - 19 cuft - 3360 PSI

Nitrogen Tank with Nitrogen Gas - Filled - 19 cuft - 3360 PSI

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Comparison of Beverage Gases

Weights of Beverage Gases in Reference to Air (as specific gravity of gas at 68°F):

Air = 1.000 (reference)
Nitrogen = 0.97
Argon = 1.38
Carbon Dioxide = 1.52  

If you review carefully the comparative weights of the gases above, you 'll note that Nitrogen is lighter than air, while both Argon and Carbon Dioxide are heavier than air.  All three of them are inert noble gases, meaning they are not reactive with your beverage.  The heavy weight of Argon and Carbon Dioxide can be a great advantage for filling tanks and kegs because it can be used to displace air before they are filled, ensuring your beverage is not exposed to oxygen during transfer.  Argon is the most expensive of these gases, however, so if you choose to work with it be sure you are not wasteful and that you have pressure tested the whole system to avoid leaks.

How to Use

Thinking of putting your wine on tap? Enjoy The Beverage People's discussion here.

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