Fresco Cider Yeast - Fresco Renaissance Yeast

10 g Fresco Cider Yeast - H2S Preventing

10 g Fresco Cider Yeast - H2S Preventing
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Recommended for use in the following fermentations

Cider, Perry.

Sensory Profile

Fresco imparts a bright apple character with notes of red apple, pear and citrus with a refreshing crisp finish.  The fermentation will not produce any rotten egg aromas because this yeast strain is incapable of Hydrogen Sulfide H2S production.


Other Noteworthy Characteristics

This specially developed cider yeast is a non-GMO saccharomyces bayanus strain from Renaissance Yeast that cannot produce hydrogen sulfide.  It is recommended for all types of ciders, and especially for beginning hobbyists who may not yet be familiar with yeast nutrition protocols.


Alcohol Tolerance


Temperature Range

56 - 77°F

Nutritional Need

Medium.  Click for nutrient addition instructions.

Good for Late Harvest & Difficult Conditions?



Fresco was bred naturally without the ability to produce hydrogen sulfide, the rotten egg smell which can mask or ruin the fruit aroma in your wine. Ciders produced without H2S are considered to be more “open and bright” in the absence of sulfurous aromatics.

Background: UC Davis's researcher Linda Bisson identified naturally occuring yeasts incapable of producing H2S---in this case strain UCD932 isolated in Italy. Through natural breeding programs they have developed new strains, crossing these non-GMO no-H2S strains with other yeasts known for desirable characteristics, and resulting in a new selection of winemaking yeast choices. The Beverage People is happy to provide cider and perry makers access to this new strain.

  • Brand: Renaissance
  • Strain Origin: UC Davis
  • Temperature Range: 56-77 °F - optimal range is 59 - 68 °F
  • Ester/Phenol Production: red apple, pear, citrus
  • SO2 and H2S Production: low
  • Flocculation: high
  • Nitrogen Demand: medium
  • Alcohol Tolerance: up to 15% abv
How to Use



Cider Yeast Guide or Wine Yeast Guide

Click to compare yeast strains by sensory characteristics, alcohol tolerance, temperature range, and more.

DON'T FORGET NUTRIENTS! Yeast require nutrition for successful completion and to avoid undesirable fermentation byproducts such as the rotten egg smell of Hydrogen Sulfide.  Please be sure you are stocked with Fermaid K and DAP (Diammonium Phosphate)Our Guidance on selecting an appropriate nutrient program is here.

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10 g Fresco Cider Yeast - H2S Preventing
Average rating:
3 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

10 g Fresco Cider Yeast - H2S Preventing
Yeasts for cider
Overall this was a good experience but I was a bit disappointed at having to wait. My mistake as I waited until I had the juice before looking for yeast - I guess I was expecting to pretty much just walk in - so I was freaking out about the possibility of native yeasts getting established before I could prevent it. The pickup in the trailer was good - very few people around on the Sunday morning, a paper bag with my receipt and the yeast easily identified in a plastic bag in the cooler.

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