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Blueberry Hill Blueberry Wheat Beer Recipe

"Blueberry Hill" Blueberry Wheat Beer
Specialty Styles - Fruit and Berry Beer

5 lbs. Wheat & Barley Dry Malt
1 lb. Carapils Malt
1/2 tsp Gypsum
1/8 tsp. Calcium Chloride
1/2 tsp Chalk
1/2 oz. Pectic Enzyme
1 tsp. Irish Moss
1/2 oz Perle Hop Pellets
(60 min.) 13 IBU
5 lbs. Crushed Blueberries
4 oz. Blueberry Flavoring
3/4 cup Corn Sugar for Priming
1 pack #WLP810 or #1056 Beer Yeast
Mash grain for 1 hour @150 degrees F., and rinse.

Boil 60 min., chill, add berries in a nylon straining bag, and pitch yeast when cool. Resubmerge floating berries twice a day, removing them after 4-6 days.
SG 1.046 IBU 13


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