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Foggy Bog Irish Red Ale Recipe

"Foggy Bog" Irish Red Ale
Irish Red Ale

5 lbs. Light Dry Malt
1 lb. Dry Rice Extract
8 oz. U.S. 6-Row Lager Malt
8 oz. Melanoidin Malt (30 L)
4 oz. Belgian Aromatic Malt (25 L)
4 oz. Belgian Caravienne Malt (21 L)
4 oz. Belgian Biscuit Malt (23 L)
1/4 tsp. Gypsum
1/4 tsp. Chalk
1/4 tsp. Epsom Salts
1/8 tsp. Calcium Chloride
1 tsp. Irish Moss
1/2 oz. Northern Brewer Hop Pellets (60 Min.) 14.0 IBU
1 oz. Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (30 Min.) 7.7 IBU
Water to five gallons
3/4 cup Corn Sugar for Priming
1 vial #WLP810 Lager Yeast
SG 1.066
IBU 21.7
Mash grains together at 150 degrees F. for 45 minutes before sparging. Add runnings to boiling pot along with brewing salts, dry malt, and rice extract, adding hops to be boiled for the length of time indicated. Cool to 70-75 degrees F. to pitch yeast, then cool gradually to 50-60 Degrees F. for primary and secondary fermentation.  

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