Drought Breaker IPA - All Grain Beer Kit

Drought Breaker IPA - All Grain Beer Kit

Drought Breaker IPA - All Grain Beer Kit
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Our best selling homebrew beer kit, Drought Breaker India Pale Ale has all the ingredients to make five gallons of full-bodied, hop forward IPA. The rain may be back, but we're still thirsty and a pint of water just won't cut it. One of the historic pale ale styles, our India Pale Ale follows English tradition of balanced ales and takes things a step further in hoppy American fashion. This recipe offers a pretty amber color at 12.5 SRM, full body, overt hops bitterness of 66 IBU and aroma from 2 oz. of Cascade hops split between a late boil addition and dry-hop. At a quaffable 5.0% ABV this kit is the solution to your beer drought, just don't try watering your hops with it. Are you just starting your homebrewing adventure? Check out our Brewing Equipment Kits for everything you'll need to begin crafting great beer. Also consider enrollment in one of our Upcoming Brewing Classes where we'll help take those brewing skills to the next level.
  • OG: 1.050
  • ABV: ~5.0%
  • IBU: 66
  • SRM: 12.5
  • This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to make five gallons of beer. You will be following a two stage fermentation system using a plastic bucket as a primary fermentor to contain the beer until heavy foaming ceases. The beer is then siphoned into a secondary fermentor, a five gallon carboy where the beer stays until fermentation is complete.

    Be sure you have all the equipment below before getting started. We carry everything you'll need to get brewing.

    How to Use

    Equipment Needed:

    • 5-Gallon wort production system of your choice.
    • Plastic bucket (primary fermentor) of at least 6 gallon capacity and a lid.
    • A 5 gallon bottle (secondary fermentor).
    • Fermentation lock and stopper.
    • Siphon assembly and bottle filler.
    • 55 twelve oz. Beer bottles, or an equivalent amount of larger cappable bottles.
    • Bristle bottle brush, Cleaner, such as TDC, and Sanitizer, such as BTF Iodophor Sanitizer.
    • 10 lbs. Light Base Malt
    • 1 lb. Dry Rice Extract
    • 0.75 lb. Belgian Caravienne Malt
    • 2 oz. Belgian Special B Malt
    • 2 oz. Malto-Dextrin Powder
    • Brewing Salts
    • PicoZinc™ Beer Yeast Nutrient for 5 Gallons
    • .75 oz. Magnum Hops (14.1%) (42.3 IBU) (60 Minutes)
    • 1 oz. Cascade Hops (6.8%) (4.8 IBU) (5 Minutes)
    • 1 oz. Cascade Hops (6.8%) (4.8 IBU) (Dry Hop)
    • 5 oz. Corn Sugar for priming
    • 1 Pack Safale S05 American Ale Yeast
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    Drought Breaker IPA - All Grain Beer Kit
    Average rating:
    2 reviews

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    Drought Breaker IPA - All Grain Beer Kit
    Curbside pick up
    I ordered a beer kit and paid on line. They called to say it was ready the next day. I dropped by and quickly picked up my kit and they had already milled the grain. Worked great. Unfortunately the next day they notified us by email that they had to close completely due to COVID-19. The beer goes to secondary fermentation today. The Beverage People is a great business. I sure hope they can weather this pandemic OK.

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