CANNOT SHIP DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS - Triple Titus Caesar Triple IPA - All Grain Beer Kit

CANNOT SHIP DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS - Triple Titus Caesar Triple IPA - All Grain Beer Kit

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The Beverage People's answer to Sonoma County's famous triple IPA, Pliny the Younger. Designed by Robyn Rosemon, daughter of store founders Nancy Vineyard and the late Byron Burch. With four additions of aromatic hops (including two separate dry hopping additions) this beer packs about 98 gravity points of malt extract and 90 IBU's of hop bitterness. Pliny the Younger is served just once a year in Sonoma County. People line up around the block to get the chance to taste it. If you can’t stand to wait a year for this beer, give this recipe a try. We call ours Triple Titus Caesar. Don’t think of it as a clone, just think of it as a beer that is honoring a member of its style family. Just as the Roman Pliny the Younger honored the memory of his adopted father Pliny the Elder upon his death in 79 AD. (The same year Titus Caesar became Emperor of Rome!) Vinnie brought us both the Plinys, we bring you the successor-- Titus! Golden amber in color with bold citrus, pine and grapefruit aromas, the lupulin rush begins, followed by equally exciting grapefruit and sweet piney flavors. Meanwhile rich malt flavors play their part to achieve a beautifully balanced big bold brew.

  • OG: 1.098
  • ABV: ~10.25%
  • IBU: ~90
  • This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to make five gallons of beer. You will be following a two stage fermentation system using a plastic bucket as a primary fermentor to contain the beer until heavy foaming ceases. The beer is then siphoned into a secondary fermentor, a five gallon carboy where the beer stays until fermentation is complete.

    Be sure you have all the equipment below before getting started. We carry everything you'll need to get brewing.

    How to Use

    Equipment Needed:

    • 5-Gallon wort production system of your choice.
    • Plastic bucket (primary fermentor) of at least 6 gallon capacity and a lid.
    • A 5 gallon bottle (secondary fermentor).
    • Fermentation lock and stopper.
    • Siphon assembly and bottle filler.
    • 55 twelve oz. Beer bottles, or an equivalent amount of larger cappable bottles.
    • Bristle bottle brush, Cleaner, such as TDC, and Sanitizer, such as BTF Iodophor Sanitizer.
    • 13 lbs. Light Base Malt
    • 2 lb. Corn Sugar
    • 4 oz. Dextrin Powder
    • 14 oz. US 2-Row Malt
    • 1 oz. Belgian Caravienne Malt
    • 1 oz. White Wheat Malt
    • Brewing Salts
    • PicoZinc™ Beer Yeast Nutrient for 5 Gallons
    • 5 ml HopDrop™ Hop Bittering Extract for about 50 IBU (60 Minutes)
    • 1/4 oz each Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ (15.4 IBU) (30 Minutes)
    • 1/4 oz each Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ (7.7 IBU) (End of Boil)
    • 1/2 oz each Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ (15.4 IBU) (Dry Hop)
    • 5 oz. Corn Sugar for priming
    • 1 Pack GigaYeast GY001 Norcal Ale Yeast
    Shipping Details
    AT THIS TIME, WE CANNOT SHIP THIS ITEM DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS. This item contains live organisms. The USPS is undergoing a planned slow-down in delivery speed. Wiithout a cost effective and reliable carrier of small packages, we are currently unable to ship sensitive, live cultures.

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