Dephlegmator for Reflux Still - 2

Dephlegmator for Reflux Still - 2" Tri Clamp - Jaybird - 1/2" MPT Recirculation Ports

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WARNING TO HOME HOBBYISTS: Distillation of alcohol for human consumption in our state of California requires a license. Please be sure you have obtained a proper license before proceeding with any distillation activities that may violate state or federal laws in your area.


A dephlegmator is a still component used for reflux distilling systems where partial condensation of multi component vapor steam is desired.  By adding this component into the still column, cooling water can be run through the body of this device to cause water vapor to condense and fall back into the boiler while alcohol vapor passes through more easily and passes through it to the condenser.  This results in a significant increase in the %ABV of the spirits coming out of the still.  For production of vodka and gin, this is a very desirable result.

This dephlegmator is designed for use with the Pot Head Still Kit for Sanke Keg.  It can simply be attached between the Sanke Keg and the Pot Head Still Kit using 2" Tri Clamp clamps and gaskets.

To complete your reflux column still setup, consider also adding hte Jaybird sight glass column, which is an extension that may be attached along with this dephlegmator.  


NOT Included but required for use:

  • Fittings to adapt your cooling water.  There are many options.  You may connect your water supply directly, or set up a submersible pump to recirculate ice water.  Fittings may be FPT to hose barb, or quick disconnect type.  
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