Win a FREE BEER KIT - Beer Kit Homebrew Competition - January 2022 - Entry Deadline 1/29/22

Win a FREE BEER KIT - Beer Kit Homebrew Competition - January 2022 - Entry Deadline 1/29/22

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Hello Brewers,

In the name of good homebrew, and to have something fun to do, we are now hosting monthly homebrew competitions for our beer recipe kit brewers.  THERE IS NO FEE FOR ENTRY, but the beer must be made from one of our beer ingredient kits as seen here.

The winner will be selected by our staff and will receive a FREE BEER KIT of their choice.

We also intend to lavish accolades on the winner.  Each winner will be announced to our brewing community via email, and we hope to include a small brewer's bio for the public to get to know the winner.

The JANUARY KIT COMPETITION entries must be submitted by January 29, 2022.


Eligibility: This competition is hosted for our customers.  More specifically, it is hosted for our customers that make beer from our beer recipe kits and have an interest in winning a FREE BEER KIT.  Entry eligibility is limited to those who can submit beers made from one of The Beverage People's beer recipe kits.

Entrance Fee: None.

Awards: Winner receives a free beer recipe kit of choice, plus public accolades from The Beverage People.

Deadline for Submission: 1/29/22, 6:00 PM

Drop Off Location: Cooler in the Pickup Trailer at The Beverage People's Fermenter's Warehouse, 1845 Piner Rd Suite D, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Bottle Requirements: We need one bottle of your beer.  Ideally, submit a 12 oz or 22 oz bottle.  No bottles will be returned.

Labeling Your Entry: Along with your bottle of beer, please provide us with the name of the beer kit and your contact info.

Judging: The judging will be performed by our staff, and may involve outside participants.  The selection of the winner will ultimately be left to The Beverage People staff based on their own honest judgment and discretion.

When is Judging Performed: Judging will take place in the week following the entry deadline.

When and How is the Winner Announced: The winner will be announced publicly by email and inside the Fermenters Warehouse in the month following the entry deadline.

Questions & Inquiries: Email

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