CANNOT SHIP DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS - Gose (unfruited) by Anderson Valley Brewing - 5 gallon Extract Beer Kit
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CANNOT SHIP DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS - Gose (unfruited) by Anderson Valley Brewing - 5 gallon Extract Beer Kit

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The Kimmie, The Yink & the Holy Gose

Recipe provided by Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Originating in Germany in the Middle Ages, this lightly sour and lightly salty wheat beer style has been coming back into fashion as a refreshing and fun summertime beer.  This kit is a collaborative release - so take a journey down the Gose River (pronounced Goes-Uh) with the Beverage People and Anderson Valley Brewing Company with this modern and easy to brew interpretation.  You can expect the acidity will not be as intense as a Berliner Weisse or typical American sour beer, while the incorporation of salt is light but just enough to make your mouth start to water.  While our kit is un-fruited and has no coriander or citrus added, you may consider using the kit as a launching point for experimentation---the innovation and experimentation that is occurring within this beer style has been showcased well by Fal Allen, head brewer at Anderson Valley Brewing Co, who has plenty of inspiration for you in his homebrewers manual on the Gose style.

  • OG: 1.044
  • ABV: ~4.1%
  • IBU: 10
  • This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to make five gallons of beer. You will be following a two stage fermentation system using a plastic bucket as a primary fermentor to contain the beer until heavy foaming ceases. The beer is then siphoned into a secondary fermentor, a five gallon carboy where the beer stays until fermentation is complete.

    Be sure you have all the equipment below before getting started. We carry everything you'll need to get brewing.

    How to Use

    Equipment Needed:

    • Boiling kettle 4 gallons or larger, made of stainless steel or enameled steel.
    • Heater to maintain kettle temperature of 110 - 115 degrees F for 2 days
    • Press 'n' Seal type plastic wrap.
    • A stirring spoon.
    • Plastic bucket (primary fermentor) of at least 6 gallon capacity and a lid.
    • A 5 gallon bottle (secondary fermentor).
    • Fermentation lock and stopper.
    • Siphon assembly and bottle filler.
    • 55 twelve oz. Beer bottles, or an equivalent amount of larger cappable bottles.
    • Bristle bottle brush, Cleaner, such as TDC, and Sanitizer, such as BTF Iodophor Sanitizer.
    • Sieve strainer and a saucepan.
    Shipping Details
    AT THIS TIME, WE CANNOT SHIP THIS ITEM DUE TO CARRIER DISRUPTIONS. This item contains live organisms. The USPS is undergoing a planned slow-down in delivery speed. Wiithout a cost effective and reliable carrier of small packages, we are currently unable to ship sensitive, live cultures.

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