Specialty Cheese Making Kit for Brie
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Specialty Cheese Making Kit for Brie

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The Brie Cheese Kit includes the additional items and ingredients needed to complete the Universal Base Kit and make multiple batches of this quintessential bloomy rind cheese. Originating from its namesake province in France, Brie is a cows milk cheese with a white bloomed rind and rich oozing texture when ripe. As this cheese ages, the texture of its inner paste changes due to the enzymatic activity of the lactic cultures as well as candidum molds. Humidity and Temperature control are key to the getting the Candidum Molds to grow desirably. If your cheese cave or refrigerator doesn't have settings for the desired temperatures, consider picking up one of our Temperature Controllers as well as a Hygrometer which measures the humidity in your aging space. This cheese is sure to impress those you present it to and provide a fun cheesemaking experience to the home cheesemaker looking for a new challenge. Also consider enrollment in one of our Upcoming Cheese Classes where we'll help take those cheesemaking skills to the next level.
  • Cheese Style: Brie
  • Origin: Brie, France
  • Texture: Soft Ripened
  • Milk Type: Cow
  • Rind: Bloomy
  • Aged: 3-5 Weeks
How to Use
Use 2 Gallons of whole milk, one cup of heavy cream and our Universal Base Cheese Kit to complete your cheesemaking supplies. The recipe and instructions for making this cheese can be viewed Here.

This Cheese Kit Includes:

  • 1 oz Vegetarian Rennet
  • 1 oz Calcium Chloride
  • MA4001 Farmhouse Ripening Culture - Enough for 6.5-13 Gallons / 25-50 Liters of Milk
  • Thermo B Ripening Culture - Enough for 6.5-13 Gallons / 25-50 Liters of Milk
  • Penicilium Candidum Rind Culture - Enough for Several Batches
  • Geotrichum Candidum Secondary Rind and Flavor Culture - Enough for Several Batches
  • One - 1 - Food-Grade Brie Draining Mold
  • Step-By-Step Instructions
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