Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - PET Plastic - Snub Nose 9.25 Gal
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Fermentasaurus Conical Fermenter - PET Plastic - Snub Nose 9.25 Gal

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Keg King makes the Fermentasaurus Plastic Conical Fermenter in both Snub Nose edition as well as another version with dump valve and yeast collection ball.

The Keg King Snub Nose Fermentasaurus conical fermenter was born and bred in the Land Down Under.  It is a pressure-capable, clear fermenter that can handle up to 35 PSI. This PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) fermenter fits easily in a Series 4 Kegerator Fridge. PET is an excellent material choice for alcohol fermentation and storage because it does not break down in alcohol and has low oxygen permeability.  Keg King manufactures their own fermenters in their factory in Springvale, Victoria, Australia.   They engineered this product to simplify the hombrewing process. 

This innovative fermenter is designed for multiple functions---it can be used for fermenting, carbonating and transferring beers under pressure. It provides the brewer with huge advantages not previously available in a single vessel---the crystal clear walls allow the brewer to see the yeast activity and sediment during transfer while the pressure rating allows purging with CO2 and carbonation.


Just fit an airlock, or spunding valve, into the lid and ferment away.  The huge 9.25 gallon capacity will allow you to relax as your 5 gallons of brew foams, burps, bubbles.  When fitted with a spunding valve for fermentation, you gain the advantage of faster time from start of fermentation to serving on tap.  Other advantages of pressure fermentation include less total CO2 usage and cost, and less opportunity for oxidation during the entire process.


Transferring beer from the Fermentasaurus to keg or to another Fermnetsaurus is simple, sanitary and practically anerobic (oxygen free) when performed under pressure with the ease of the included pressure lid.  A spunding valve (not-included) is very helpful if you choose to perform pressurized transfers. The floating dip tube allows only the bright beer to be picked up while leaving the sediment behind.


The Snub Nose PET Plastic Conical Fermenter can carbonate your clear conditioned beer and the beer can then be dispensed directly to tap, removing the need to wait for your beer to carbonate in bottles. Beer served direct from the fermenter is fresh, bright and full flavoured, completely uncompromised by oxygen.


Keg King is the registered business name of MCH Australia based in Melbourne. From their Melbourne offices, two warehouses, and factory, they specialize in providing innovative, high quality and cost effective home brewing and beer dispensing equipment since 2010. Their mission is to make the best home brewing and keg dispensing gear in the world. From engineering to manufacturing, and marketing to distribution---Keg King is a global leader in homebrewing with everything you need to brew and dispense the best brews you have ever tasted.

Their line of Kegmaster Series 4 kegerator fridges makes serving beer on tap at home simple and affordable. From commercial breweries to home breweries, Keg King supplies equipment supported by knowledgeable staff, with ongoing improvements and upgrades from their engineering department.

Their bottom line is simple. They love good beer and strive to support the craft and home brewing communities with education, sponsorship and unique products to make each brew day easier and our beers even tastier.

  • Fermenter Body: High Molecular Length PET
  • Fermenter Volume: 35L
  • Frame: 304 Stainless Frame
  • Pressure Rated Lid: 304 Stainless Steel Ball Lock Posts, Glass Reinforced Nylon, 35psi pressure relief valve
  • Lid Seal: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)
  • Working Pressure: 35psi
  • Burst Pressure: above 100psi
  • Test Pressure: 72psi
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