Stainless Motorized Grape Stemmer Crusher Destemmer
  • Stainless Motorized Grape Stemmer Crusher Destemmer
  • Motorized Stainless Stemmer Crusher Destemmer
  • Stainless Motorized Stemmer Crusher Destemmer

Grape Crusher Destemmer - Motorized - All Stainless - EnoItalia

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About the EnoItalia All Stainless Motorized Grape Crusher Destemmer

Don't break your back this crush, this 304 stainless steel motorized stemmer crusher with rubber rollers from EnoItalia will save you hours of hard labor and cleaning. Made in Italy, EnoItalia has decades of experience producing high quality wine harvest equipment that stands the test of time. Crush is the bottle neck in any winery operation and having a reliable crusher destemmer is like having several extra sets of hands helping out. The rubber rollers on this model ensure a gentle crush with minimal sheering of grape seeds, fewer broken seeds means less extraction of harsh seed tannins and pyrazines which can lend a green bell pepper flavor to a finished wine. A quality crush is the first step to quality wine!


1) 304 Type Stainless Steel Body, Receiving Bin, Screw Feed, and Destemming Basket.

2) A Screw Feed drive receiving bin for continual, faster, hands-free operation

3) Rubber Rollers for gentle crushing 

4) A powerful 110V 1HP motor which provides an hourly production of approximately 3000 lbs.

5) Big, Red Emergency stop button on motor shuts down the machine in a hurry to help reduce chance of accident.

Overall dimensions: 48 long x 25 wide x 27 high.

Weight: 122 pounds

Replacement parts are available


To operate the grape stemmer crusher:

As grape clusters are fed into the hopper on top, a stainless steel auger moves them towards the crusher rollers. The grapes, along with the stems, then drop through the rollers, falling below to where the destemmer basket is located. A second auger fit with destemming paddles runs through the middle of the destemming basket then moves stems in the opposite direction of the hopper auger above. The holes in the basket allows grapes to pass through but not the stems. The crushed grapes will drop straight down from under the crusher rollers, while the stems will drop out from the opposite end of the unit, where the destemmer cage ends.


We stock a companion stand that may be paired with the grape destemmer crusher. Also, some winemaker will mount the unit on sawhorses, or even directly on top of a sturdy fermentor such as our 32 gallon heavy plastic buckets.

The Beverage People provides a 1 year warranty. Also, we maintain stock on replacement parts such as extra tubes and pumps.
Shipping Details
Item is eligible for FLAT RATE FREIGHT options in the contiguous 48 states. Flat rate freight is available from $199 for shipments on a pallet no higher than 38" high and no more than 200 lbs to a commercial address with a forklift or dock available. Additional items may be added to the pallet at no additional cost until the limits are reached.

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