Ohio Stoneware Water Seal Crock Set - 3 Gallon - includes Lid and Weights
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Ohio Stoneware Water Seal Crock Set - 3 Gallon - includes Lid and Weights

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This three gallon Water Seal 3 Piece Fermentation Starter Kit from Ohio Stoneware of Zanesville, Ohio is one of their premium offerings. The stoneware is made to be attractive, and the design is more advanced than a traditional straight-sided crock.  The upper portion of the crock is designed with a moat that may be filled with water during fermentation.  When the cover is placed into the water, the fermentation is sealed off from the environment ensuring there are no new contaminants introduced during the ferment, while CO2 producing during fermentation is still allowed to escape.


This 3 gallon crock set comes complete with weights and cover.  The two semi-circular stone weights rest on top of the food inside the crock and create pressure needed for proper fermentation.


  • 3 Gallon Ohio Stoneware Water Seal Crock
  • Stoneware Cover
  • Two semi-circular stone weights

Ohio Stoneware crocks are safe and easy to clean due to lead-free glaze. They are also oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.



Ohio Stoneware is a pottery manufacturing company located in Zanesville, Ohio. They operate in an area that was once considered the Pottery Capital of the World. They make a wide assortment of crocks, fermentation weights, dishes, jugs, bakeware, growlers, mugs and other items such as piggy banks and holiday décor. They are proud of their production process and share it with their customers.



  1. ​The process begins with processed clay. Ohio Stoneware uses their own recipe of clay mixture to get just the right consistency. Once the clay has been mixed with water, it goes through the pug mill and is formed into snake like slugs. They cut the slugs according to the size of piece that they are making. Each piece is made on a forming press in a metal mold. Depending on the size of item they can make up to 1200 pieces of one item in a day!
  2. Once coming off of the press, it is hand finished and moved to the dryer. After it has dried, they hand spray each piece with glaze. All of their glazes are made on site and are made of a unique recipe.   
  3. After the piece is glazed, it’s ready to be fired. They fire at approximately 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. The firing process takes about twelve hours from the time of lighting the kiln to the time they open the kiln. Once the kiln has been opened and the pieces have cooled, the finished pieces are stamped on the bottom with their name, inventoried and stocked.
  • Diameter: 11"
  • Height: 15.5"
  • Weight: 25 lbs
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