375 mL Clear Flint Claret Bottles, 3 Pack with Corks and Labels

375 mL Clear Flint Claret Bottles, 3 Pack with Corks and Labels

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This three pack comes with 375 mL bottles paired with resealable bar top corks, customizable adhesive labels, and heat shrinks to seal the package for a professional look. A great package for those looking to gift their Homemade Vinegar or white wine to others.
  • Shape: Claret
  • Volume: 375 mL
  • Neck: Standard
  • Closure: Bar Top
  • Punted: Yes
  • Color: Flint - Clear
  • Styles: White Dessert Wines, Vinegars, Spirits, Liqueurs
How to Use

Heat Shrink Instructions:

  • Method 1) Fill and cork/cap bottles. Place shrink over neck and pass bottles through heat shrink tunnel.
  • Method 2) Fill and cork/cap bottles. Hold shrink over neck, invert bottle while holding shrink, partially dip in boiling water until shrink is secured to bottle (~1 sec), release shrink and submerge remaining shrink into boiling water (~1 sec).


Every two gallons of wine or vinegar will require seven sets (21 individual) of 375 mL bottles.

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