Filter ECONOMY 8 Plates (20X20cm), Stainless Base and Brass Pump 8 gal. min.)

Filter ECONOMY 8 Plates (20X20cm), Stainless Base and Brass Pump 8 gal. min.)

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This 8-Plate Filter is a beverage pump with plate and frame filtering system utilizing 8 plates and 20 cm X 20 cm pads. The wine should be transferred into a clean container before filtering begins in order to prevent the dregs from being sucked up into the filter. The unit comes with two sets of pads for initial use---10 micron coarse, and 0.9 micron fine. Immerse the filtering sheets in water before use to saturate. Allow them to absorb water for at least 5 minutes before installing tightly into the filter. The pump must be primed. You should use water to prime and circulate through the plates while tightening the plates and pads into place. When water is circulating through the pump successfully, you may turn off the unit and move the inlet hose to the wine or beverage to be filtered. The first quart or so pumped through after this will need to be disposed of. This filter has a Stainless Base and Brass Pump (8-9 gal. min.)
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