TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - smALL Grain One Gallon Beer Brewing Equipment Kit with IPA and Stout Ingredient Kits

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - smALL Grain One Gallon Beer Brewing Equipment Kit with IPA and Stout Ingredient Kits

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Our 1 Gal. smALL-Grain home brewing starter kit contains everything needed to brew and bottle the two included one gallon All-Grain recipe kits, a hoppy American IPA and a roasty Dry Irish Stout - DIS. This kit was designed for the beer lovers that have yet to make their own brew but either don't wish to end up with the typical 5 gallons of beer or have limited brewing space. In order to ensure new brewers have fun brewing their first two batches of beer, we have put together the most comprehensive 1 gallon brewing system on the market. A one gallon batch size means homebrewing All-Grain beer is quicker and easier than ever before in the comfort of your own kitchen. The smALL-Grain home brewing system is the perfect gift for the beer geeks and DIY-ers in your life!

 You will need to provide a 3+ gallon stock pot and 5 gallons worth of bottles to complete the equipment kit.


The smALL-Grain Brewing Kit Includes:

  • Two Ingredient Kits for 1 Gallon Batches, American IPA and Dry Irish Stout w/ Detailed Instructions
  • Brewing Quality Beers by Byron Burch
  • 1.3 Gallon Demijohn - Primary Fermentor
  • 1 Gallon Glass Jug - Secondary Fermenter
  • Eight - 16 oz. Flip-Top Beer Bottles
  • Two - 6 Pack Carriers
  • Bottle Cleaning Brush
  • Bottle Filler Wand
  • 1” Dial Top Stainless Steel Thermometer w/ 5” Stem
  • Airlock w/ Drilled #6 Stopper
  • Mini-Auto Siphon w/ 5 Feet of Vinyl Tubing
  • 4 oz. TDC Cleaner
  • 4 oz. BTF Sanitizer
  • LCD Thermometer Sticker
How to Use
Already brewed your smALL-Grain IPA and Stout? Use the calculations found on pages 92-97 of your copy of Brewing Quality Beers along with our handy Beer Recipe Worksheet to design and brew your very own recipe! You'll find everything you'll need for custom brew in our Brewing Ingredients Section.
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