The Iron Forge Horizontal Craft Brewery - BrewBuilt Kettles - 10 Gallon

The Iron Forge Horizontal Craft Brewery - BrewBuilt Kettles - 10 Gallon

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The Iron Forge horizontal craft brewery is the ultimate setup for advanced home brewers looking for convenience and ease of use, without taking themselves out of the brewing equation. Manufactured by The Beverage People, the Iron Forge was designed and built with our customers in mind. A bulletproof steel frame supports three spacious fifteen gallon (60 quart), dual-ported, 304 stainless steel BrewBuilt kettles which are the perfect size for brewing ten gallon batches. Two Chugger pumps with bleeder valves will save your back from lifting heavy kettles of wort or water while giving precise control over flow rates between kettles. Connecting the heat tolerant silicone hoses is a breeze with our cam and groove couplers, which offer the sanitation and security of tri-clover clamps without the price tag. The recirculating return ring and false bottom mash design of The Iron Forge system results in cleaner, clearer wort The Iron Forge is just as at home in your garage as it is serving as a professional pilot brewing system at the local craft brewery.

The Iron Forge Features:

  • Three (3) 15 gallon BrewBuilt 304 stainless steel kettles w/ false bottom for the mash kettle
  • Two (2) chugger pumps with high temperature polysulfone heads
  • Heavy duty 1"x2" steel frame is built to take any abuse you can throw at it
  • The frame sits on locking casters on for easing moving and storage
  • Cam and lock quick disconnect fittings for flawless transfers from kettle to kettle
  • High temperature silicone tubing is safe and easy to clean/sanitize
  • Copper wort return ring makes mash recirculation and sparging simple



BrewBuilt Kettle Features:

  • Silicone covered handles for comfort and heat protection
  • Welded in dual 1/2" FPT ports accomodate a valve as well as a thermometer or other accessory
  • Notched lids with silicone plugs to allow for our recirculation ring and hoses to be used while the lids are closed
  • 1 mm thick 304 Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • 1.2:1 Kettle geometry minimizes wort loss due to boil off
  • Volume markers etched on the inside of the kettles makes checking volumes a breeze
  • Thick Stainless-aluminum Tri-clad bottom heats efficiently while protecting wort from scorching
  • Mash kettle includes false bottom to get the most out of your grain while helping to prevent a stuck mash


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