Marchisio Variable Capacity Stainless Dish Bottom Wine Tank - 79 gallons - 300 L - Tri Clamp Ports and Valve - TankToppr™ Airlock Riser
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Marchisio Variable Capacity Stainless Dish Bottom Wine Tank - 79 gallons - 300 L - Tri Clamp Ports and Valve - TankToppr™ Airlock Riser

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Marchisio's Variable Capacity Wine Storage Tanks On Legs with Dish Bottom are made of 304 Stainless Steel, includes a stainless lid with Elastollan inflatable tube, TankToppr™ airlock riser, two 1.5" tri clamp ports and one butterfly valve.



The lid includes an inflatable tube made of Elastollan, a thermoplastic polyurethane produced by BASF.  Elastollan, a material also used for medical tubing and fire hoses, provides puncture and abrasion resistance, along with an impressively high burst-pressure rating. Also included is a hand pump to inflate the tube and seal the lid in place at any level in the tank.



 In the middle of the lid is a hole cut to allow for installation of an air lock and for topping the tank after the lid is pumped into place. We have requested that our tanks be outfitted with a TankToppr™ Airlock Riser. This is a plastic fitting with white rubber gasket that can be tightened into place and allows you to “top up” that tank to slightly above the lid, ensuring you have eliminated any head space that would otherwise oxidize your wine during storage. The TankToppr™ will require a removable #9 stopper, either latex or silicone, to complete the air seal.



This tank is fitted with two 1.5” Tri Clamp ports near the bottom of the tank, with a 1.5” stainless butterfly valve installed on the lower port. To connect your butterfly valve to a hose, you will need an additional clamp, gasket, and appropriate tri clamp fitting to suit your winery's plumbing design.



 Built in Northern Italy by Fratelli Marchisio S.P.A., one of the world's leading manufacturers of both hobby and professional equipment for winemaking, olive oil processing, and other food preservation. They manufacture equipment reliably with long experience in their use, and at competitive prices. For the home hobbyist, they can be relied on for all the heavy equipment and storage tanks needed in your winery, without breaking the bank. At The Beverage People, we feel a particular kinship with this company. After all, our wine industry in Sonoma and Napa Counties is largely the byproduct of the Italian emigrants of the mid-nineteenth century and their knowledge of grapes and wine. We are happy that the winemaking connections from Italy to California continue today.

SpecificationsDimensions: 27 Diameter x 53 Height
How to Use
The Beverage People provides a 1 year warranty. Also, we maintain stock on replacement parts such as extra tubes and pumps.
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Due to the large size of this product and high risk of damage in transit, we recommend that you pick up in-store.

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