German Wheat Malt - 2L 1 lb.

German Wheat Malt - 2L 1 lb.

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BESTMALZ® Wheat Malt - 2 °L - is a powerful tool for brewers, not only does wheat malt have beer styles dedicated to its use but it acts as a specialty malt for nearly any recipe that needs foam stabilization or more mouthfeel without added sweetness. Learning to use this malt at various quantities will give you more control over how your beer turns out. Need more than a few pounds? Consider ordering a 55 lb (25 kg) Bag of BESTMALZ® Wheat Malt. For more information on various malts and grains, take a look at Byron Burch’s Guide to Malts and Grain.


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  • Malt Style: Wheat Malt
  • Diastatic Power: Yes
  • Flavor: Mildly Sweet, Malty Wheat, Bready
  • Color: 2° Lovibond - Contributes light straw color
  • Maltster: BESTMALZ®
How to Use

Recommended Percentage of Grist by Style:

  • 5% Improves head and head retention in any beer style
  • 10-20% Kölsch, White IPA, Saison or other farmhouse styles
  • 30-40% Use with raw wheat or wheat flakes in traditional Belgian Wit
  • 50%+ Functions as a Base Malt when used alone or with other Base Malts in German or American Wheat Beers

Note: If using 50% or more, consider incorporating rice hulls as a lautering aid.


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