Sour and Specialty Beer Recipes

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With your successful brewing in mind, here's a sampling of our recipes.  We have hundreds more available to you in our retail shop.

When brewing our recipes, it is helpful to keep the following things in mind.  Irish Moss or Whirlfloc is used as a kettle fining and is added to the boil for the last 30 minutes. Many recipes only include the list of ingredients.  Therefore, follow our brief instructions for getting started, or refer to Brewing Quality Beers for complete instructions. Water treatments are optional, but using deionized or reverse osmosis water is always a great choice. We make recommendations for several different yeasts to use, if in doubt as to which yeast to choose, just call us or come in and we'll help you make that decision.  Finally, the S.G. or original gravity of the beer and the hop IBU are listed at the end of the recipe, allowing you to substitute ingredients and still target these values.

Sour And Specialty Beer Recipes