Italian Vinegar Barrel - Wood Legs - 2.6 gal - 10 liter

Italian Vinegar Barrel - Wood Legs - 2.6 gal - 10 liter

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We import these unique barrels from Italy specifically for vinegar production.

The inside of the barrel has been sealed with parafin. No special stand is required---the barrel staves smartly provide the stand.

A wooden barrel spigot and cork are both included and may optionally be installed and used as desired.

The design allows the barrel to stand on its head, rather than on its side, which allows for potentially greater oxygen exposure across the surface of the vinegar which will help stimulate the metabolism of the acetobacter culture.  A nice bonus is that no stand needs to be purchased separately.

  • Volume: 2.6 Gallons
  • Wood Type: Chestnut
  • Sealant: Parafin
  • Place of Origin: Italy
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