DISCONTINUED - Cheese Press, Sonoma Style, wood with polyurethane finish (add your own weights)

DISCONTINUED - Cheese Press, Sonoma Style, wood with polyurethane finish (add your own weights)

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Our Original "Sonoma Style" Manual Cheese Press is hand-crafted locally from wood with a non-toxic, child-safe polyurethane coating. This press is an exercise in simplicity and conveniently sized to fit across most sinks for easy and mess-free draining of whey. Wooden dowels hold the upper board in alignment while it presses on the follower for your Cheese Mold(s). Add weights as needed, you can either put weights on top, like a bag of sugar, or go to your local used sporting goods store and buy barbell weights to fit over the dowels. We recommend using this press with a few 5# and 10# weights in any combination a recipe calls for. We have used up to 80 pounds of weights to press two 6 lb wheels of Cheddar at the same time (total 12 lbs of cheese)! Note: these weights come with different size holes while the dowels of the press are 1" in diameter, so anything bigger will be fine.


**(Cheese Mold not included; buy a mold and follower of your choice separately.)

  • Wood: Pine
  • Finish: Food-Safe Polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 23.5 in. x 12 in. x 7.25 in.
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