The GrainFather - All Grain Brewing System

The GrainFather - All Grain Brewing System

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The GrainFather All-Grain Brewing System is your own craft brewery at home. Designed to be used indoors, this compact brewery can be used right in the kitchen or the backyard for year round brewing. This electric recirculating infusion mash system - RIMS - utilizes a built-in magnetically driven pump to recirculate the wort during the mashing process while dual electric heating elements maintain the mash temperature. The programmable digital controller allows brewers to hit their temperatures every time. Comes with a counter-flow wort chiller that utilizes the pump for rapid cooling. Only requires a hot liquor tank for sparging, check out GrainFather's own Sparge Water Heater for an incredibly easy to use option. With the optional Copper Alembic Still attachment along with the Copper Condenser, the GrainFather becomes an all in one system for brewing, fermenting, and distillation.


Can be used with any of our fantastic Beer Ingredient Kits or build your own all-grain recipe from our wide range of Brewing Ingredients!

  • Capable of brewing full 5 gallon all grain batches
  • 304 stainless steel body, with 8 US Gal / 30 L capacity
  • Lid is made of durable tempered glass for visibility and and mash insulation
  • Adjustable grain basket fits up to 20 lbs / 9kg of grist
  • Grain basket features dual mesh screens for keeping grain contained and even sparge water distribution
  • A durable magnetic drive pump - 6 watt 1800 RPM - recirculates wort over the mash for maximum grain efficiency and even mash temperature
  • 304 Stainless steel pump filter prevents pump clogging and keeps wort brilliantly clear
  • Included counterflow wort chiller with copper inner coil requires less than 20 min. to cool wort to 68°F
  • Rugged control box and display screen gives you total control over temperature and pump. Allows for precise single infusion mashes or step mashes with rapid heating between steps.
  • High - 1600w - and low - 600w - heating elements give the ability for both vigorous boils and maintaining stable mash temperatures
  • Dimensions: 29" H x 19.1" L x 17.2" W
  • How to Use
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