Procon Self-Priming Impeller Pump - Stainless-  240 GPH

Procon Self-Priming Impeller Pump - Stainless- 240 GPH

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The Procon Stainless Steel Pump is an extremely dependable and durable transfer pump for hobbyist winemakers and small wineries. The 4 gallons per minute flow rate allows for the transfer of up to four 60 gallon barrels in an hour.

Some of our favorite features:

  • Self Priming - This pump can start itself without being primed with fluids.
  • Reliability - The Beverage People has used this exact pump for decades as a rental.  It has been put through all manner of wear and tear with a high level of reliability.  Generally, the only way to hurt this pump is to run solids through it or fail to clean up after usage.  Even then, it can often be cleaned out with very hot water and brought back into use.
  • Doesn't overheat as fast as smaller pumps - If you have several barrels to pump, a smaller and slower pump will have to work very hard and eventually will overheat.  When that happens, you have to stop operations until the pump cools down.  This pump can work through several barrels before risking overheating.
  • Stainless and Nitrile Contact with Wine - The pump head is made of stainless and nitrile, making this pump a very wine-friendly material choice.

About the Procon® Rotary Vane Fluid Pump Series 5

This impeller driven pump a nominal speed of 1,725 RPM, a maximum discharge pressure of 250 PSI, clockwise rotation, and an adjustable relief range.

Mount: Clamp-On
Drive Coupler: Double Flat Bronze
Flow Rate (GPH): 240 GPH
Seal: Nitrile
Relief Setting: 170 PSI
Capacity: 115 to 330 GPH
Nominal Speed: 1,725 RPM
Max. Discharge Pressure: 250 psi
Rotation: Clockwise

About the McCann's Motor

1/3 HP Motor Welded Base

- 1725 RPM
- 115V/60Hz
- Automatic Overload

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