GY001 GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1

GY001 GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1

GY001 GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1
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Clean Fermenting, versatile strain from one of the most famous California Pale Ales. Neutral flavor profile creates a crisp beer and allows hops to shine. Strong attenuator and good flocculation perfectly suited for a large variety of styles. Good choice for high gravity beers.
  • Brand: GigaYeast
  • Strain Origin: USA
  • Flocculation: Medium
  • Temperature Range: 64 - 77F
  • Attenuation: 76 - 80%
  • Ester/Phenol Production: Low
  • How to Use
    GigaYeast provides a minimum yeast cell count of 200 billion, which is a proper pitching rate for nearly all five gallon batches. These packages contain twice the amount of yeast as Wyeast or White Labs, and that means better fermentations without the need for a starter.
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    2. No Quarter Brewing Co., Windsor. 
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    GY001 GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1
    Average rating:
    1 reviews

    Read all reviews

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    GY001 GigaYeast NorCal Ale #1
    pick up
    Loved the pick up set up. Miss chatting about brewing but that will come again in time.

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