GY018 GigaYeast Saison #1

GY018 GigaYeast Saison #1

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Traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. Produces fragrant beer with pepper and fruit notes. Warmer fermentations create more intense flavors. Perfect for accentuating citrus and fruit flavors. High attenuation rates make a dryer beer than Saison #2.


  • Brand: GigaYeast
  • Strain Origin: France
  • Flocculation: Low
  • Temperature Range: 64 - 80F
  • Attenuation: Low and Medium Gravity Wort = 81 - 83%; High Gravity Wort Above 6.2% ABV = 49 - 53%
  • Ester/Phenol Production: high
  • How to Use
    GigaYeast provides a minimum yeast cell count of 200 billion, which is a proper pitching rate for nearly all five gallon batches. These packages contain twice the amount of yeast as Wyeast or White Labs, and that means better fermentations without the need for a starter.
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