Gabe Jackson, CPA (inactive), National-Level BJCP Beer Judge

President and CFO of The Beverage People, Inc.

Gabe is a Sonoma State University alumnus with a BA in History and BS in accounting. He is a CPA trained in financial statement audits and tax preparation. He has also spent considerable time working in the hobby world of home fermentation (beer, wine, cheese, etc) and as well as a stretch in commercial brewing at Moylan's Brewing Company. Under the guidance of homebrew pioneers Byron Burch and Nancy Vineyard, as well as industry expert Bob Peak, he became a Beverage People teacher of home brewing and cheese making classes. He is a BJCP National-rank beer judge, and has served in various volunteer positions with local homebrewing and cheesemaking clubs including Treasurer, VP, and President. Gabe is one of the shareholders of the corporation.
Below you may find a selection of articles contributed to The Beverage People by Gabe Jackson.

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