Extract Homebrew Kits - 5 Gallons


Your Success is Our Success

By Tim W. - Did I tell you I love them?

"After a major surgery less than a year ago, I started Brewing again a couple months later. It was just before the Covid, AND the fires, and the beverage people have always pulled through with anything that I've ordered from them!! It was so appreciated such a bright light in Dark Times. Speaking of dark, that coconut porter has me soo excited for it to finish off, yum! As with all the other Brews that I've brewed since then. So again thank you, I love them!! :))"

By Robbie H. - Love The Beer!

"Thanks for all you do to make it easy to home brew. The advice is always right on and helps the process greatly. My wife loves the Pale Ale. Thanks, Robbie"

By Jack R. - Prompt delivery, good instructions, solid brew

"If you are interested in brewing this is the way to start. Kits are simple with very clear instructions. Ordering and pickup is easy. Your order is waiting for you "curbside" in the trailer, labeled (including how many packages). Usually 2. Best people in the world."