Wildflower Honey for Making Mead, Cyser, Melomel, Braggot, and Honey Beer

Honey - Wildflower - 12 lb.

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Wildflower Honey is a distinctive, flavorful honey which is slightly darker in color to other honeys.  While it is commonly used in cooking and baking, it is also a good choice in fermentations of beer or mead where a floral quality is desired, and a lower sticker price than other varietal honeys is welcome.



The Beverage People has long used and appreciated the quality honeys from Dutch Gold Honey, particularly when it comes to meadmaking.  This company is located in Lancaster, PA.  Lancaster is famous as Pennsylvania Dutch County.  Dutch Gold Honey was named for the early settlers in the region.  They specialize in varietal honeys. Their pure and natural honey selection offers many floral varieties.  Much of the flavor and aroma of honey is determined by the nectar of the flower or blossoms that the honey bee visited.  When the bees harvest from a clover blossom the honey will taste dramatically different than when the bees harvest from orange blossoms.  Dutch Gold does not add anything to or adulterate the honey.  As they say, "It is all up to Mother Nature and the honey bee."

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