Sour Cream C30 - Direct Set Single Batch Packets - Qty 5

Sour Cream C30 - Direct Set Single Batch Packets - Qty 5

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These easy use, single batch direct set culture packs are great for the beginning cheesemaker, kids, and hobbyists who find it difficult to get through a whole commercial size package of culture. These packets do not contain rennet enzyme.

We stock an assortment of these single batch packages for various cheese recipes in Say Cheese! A Kid’s Guide to Cheese Making with Recipes for Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, Feta & Other Favorites and Ricki Carroll's Home Cheesemaking.


Cheese Starter Culture Guide:

Lactic Acid Producers

  • LC: Lactococcus Cremoris - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LL: Lactococcus Lactis - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LB: Lactococcus Delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus - 95-105 °F (35-41 °C)

CO2 and Diacetyl Producers

  • LD: Lactococcus Lactis ssp. Diacetylactis - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LM: Lactococcus Mesenteroides - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • ST*: Streptococcus Thermophilus - 95-105 °F (35-41 °C)

*Also produces Lactic Acid

How to Use

YIELD: 1 packet sets 1 quart of pasteurized Light Cream or Half & Half.

DIRECTIONS: Heat 1 quart of pasteurized Light Cream or Half & Half to 86F. Pour into a thermos-like container or Yogotherm. Add 1 packet, let re-hydrate 2 minutes, then stir to dissolve. Cover and let set at 72F for 12-24 hours or until thickened. Refrigerate and enjoy! For a thicker sour cream add 1/4 cup dry milk.


THIS CULTURE INCLUDES: lactose, (LC) lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, (LL) lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, (LD) lactococcus lactis subsp. biovar diacetylactis, (LM)Lactococcus Mesenteroides.

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