Mesophilic Culture - Type II - 1 DOSE

Mesophilic Culture - Type II - 1 DOSE

Mesophilic Culture - Type II - 1 DOSE
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1 DOSE - Manufactured by Biena in Canada. This cheese starter culture is composed of only Lactococcus Cremoris. Acidification performance is good. Recommended for use Cheddar, Mozzarella, Blue Cheese and other hard aged cheeses. Optimum temperature range is 77-86F. For an easy to read breakdown of these cultures and their uses, take a look at our complete Cheese Starter Culture Guide.
  • Manufacturer: Biena / Abiasa
  • Culture: Pure Culture of LC - Lactococcus Cremoris
  • Optimum Temperature: 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • Acidification Rate: Medium-High
  • Diacetyl: None
  • Gas Production: None
  • Recommended Uses: Fresh, Soft, and Hard Cheeses

Cheese Starter Culture Guide:

Lactic Acid Producers

  • LC: Lactococcus Cremoris - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LL: Lactococcus Lactis - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LB: Lactococcus Delbrueckii ssp. Bulgaricus - 95-105 °F (35-41 °C)
  • LH: Lactobacillus Helveticus - 95-105 °F (35-41 °C)

CO2 and Diacetyl Producers

  • LD: Lactococcus Lactis ssp. Diacetylactis - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • LM: Lactococcus Mesenteroids - 77-86 °F (25-30 °C)
  • ST*: Streptococcus Thermophilus - 95-105 °F (35-41 °C)

*Also produces Lactic Acid

How to Use
1 DOSE treats up to 52 gallons / 200 liters of milk.
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Mesophilic Culture - Type II - 1 DOSE
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Mesophilic Culture - Type II - 1 DOSE
Quality and quick shipping
Ordered the cultures to make some cheese and was surprised it was delivered with an ice pack to keep it fresh. Shipping was just a fast as Amazon.

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